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Artist's Bio


Renée Crum

Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith

Renée was born and raised in Oklahoma to a creative mother and physician father. Excelling in both art and science growing up, she chose the “practical” path, as many do, and got a BS in Microbiology and pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry in Colorado. After 28 years and raising a daughter, Renée gave into her right-brained urges to create. Having done some wax casting in high school art class to make a gold ring for her father, she decided to take a basic jewelry making class and quickly rekindled a passion for the craft.

Early on she was self-taught with the help of instructional videos and of course, YouTube. Eventually she discovered her local school, Boulder Metalsmithing Association, where she has and continues to immerse herself in countless workshops taught by nationally and world renown jewelers. Renée sells her work at art shows and in local galleries.

Artist's Statement:“Being a life scientist and an artist, I am completely in awe of, and inspired by, Mother Nature (aka Gaia). I see the act of creating as an extension of the beauty and elegance of Nature's dynamic processes, which created the materials I use in my work. When I create something out of a glimmer from my mind’s eye, I pour my energy and soul into the vision and materials and watch it evolve. Later, when I hold the finished object in my hand and feel its new energy coming back to me, I am thrilled by the transformation from vision into reality.

- Renée Crum

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